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Konad Nail Art Set
  Konad Image Plate   Konad Special Nail Polish
Konad Nail Art Kits
We have a complete line of Konad Nail Art Kits to suit all budgets from individuals to Nail Salons all in one place. We are an authorized retailer for Konad Nail Art products.
Price starts at - $24.99
  Konad Nail Art Image Plate
We have hundreds of images for nail art on Konad Nail Art image Plates. Flowers, Butterflies, Letters and Numbers are some examples of images available on image plates.
Price starts at - $6.99
  Konad Nail Art Special Nail Polish - 10ml
These are special nail polish that are used to give colors to the nail artwork. Don't use the Konad Special Nail Polish as a regular nail polish as it will not dry like standard nail polish.
Price starts at - $6.99

  Konad Nail Regular Nail Polish - base Coat
Princess Special Nail Polish 12ml
Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Click below to see all colors available.
Price starts at - $7.99
  Click above to View Video of Konad Nail Art products.  

Konad Nail Art Stamper & Scraper
Konad New Stamper & Scraper
  Konad Fancy Image Plate Holder
Nail Art Stamper and Scraper
Konad Nail Art stamper and Scraper are two of the most important must have tools for Nail Designs using Konad Nail Art Products.
Price starts at - $4.99
  New Konad Nail Art Stamper and Scraper
New 2-sided Stamper has different color of stamp on each side so you can easily apply Red nail art which was difficult with prior version of stamper since the Red nail art was not visible on the Red stamper. Stamp colors are Red and Green.
Price starts at - $6.99
  Konad Image Plate Holder
Always use Konad Image Plate Holder to protect your Konad image plates and designs from scratches and damages.
Price starts at - $2.99
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Konad 4 Way Buffer
Konad Nail Art instruction cd
  Konad Nail Art Clear Top Coat
Konad Nail Art 2-Way Quick Shine Buffer
Click below to View and Buy Konad Quick Shine Buffer. We recommend everyone interested in nail design to have 1 Nail buffer always with them.
Price starts at - $2.99
  Konad Nail Art CD
All you need to know about Konad Nail Art on a CD. A handy tool for beginners and perfect tool for Nail Salons to attract customers for new and most advanced Nail Art Technology.
Price $1.99
  Top Coat For Konad Nail Art
Top Coat is used to protect Nail Art on the nails. Proper use of top coat will protect Nail Art and will also increase the life of design on the nails.
Price starts at - $6.99
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Konad Rhinestone Collection  

Konad Rhinestone Assorted

Konad Nail Art Rhinestone Collection
Available in a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from. This are like precious Diamonds for Nails.
Price starts at - $2.99
  Konad Nail Art Correction Pen - French Corrector
One of the best and handy tools to have when using Konad Nail Design products. Easy to carry. Comes with 3 changeable tips.
Price starts at $6.99
  Konad Assorted Rhinestone Collection
Rhinestone art on Nails give a new 3-Dimensional look to your nails. Perfect color stone art at a reasonable price.
Price starts at - $18.99
  Buy Konad Correction Pen   Konad Rhinestone Assorted

Konad Foot File
konad 2 way nail buffer
    Konad Ceramic Foot File
Konad Foot Files are used for Salon, Foot Spa, Pedicure and other beauty applications.
Price starts at - $6.99
  Konad Standard Nail Buffer
Standard 2-Way Flat Buffer. For Smooth and Shinny Nails Use Konad Nail Buffer. Click below to order.
Price starts at - $2.99
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