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Oxy Bleach for Salon and Regular Use

OXY Bleach for Facial

( Available in Small 25g & and Salon Size 350g Pack)



 Oxy Bleach is applied on the skin- Hydrogen peroxide changes from liquid to gas and increases many times in volume , releasing oxy gen along with it .
The relesed oxy gen diffuses in the surface layer of the skin.
`Hi teach emollients` present in oxy bleach prevent the relesed oxygen from escaping into the atmosphere .
Oxygen molecules weave thir way through cellular layers and in the process carry active ingredients into your skin.
Nourishing it, Energizing it and Protecting it.and you witness a dramatic improvement of your skin tone that gets better with repeated use.

Oxy Bleach Helps Oxygen To Penetrate The Skin. When Oxygen Enters The Skin. It Takes With It Water And Lipids Deep Into The Skin, Making The Skin More Hyerated And Glowing.

Key Ingredient:-
Bleach Cream : Hydrogen peroxide . Powder Activator Persulphates

Always follow instruction and use in correct proportion as advised on the product

Price: $5.99
7.53 CAD 4.28 GBP 7.57 AUD

Shahnaz Husain 24 carat Gold mask Salon Size

Shahnaz Husain Gold Beautifying Mask Salon Size - 200g

  • Indications Based on an ancient formula,
  • It contains 24 Carat pure gold, for skin rejuvenation.
  • Reduces visible ageing signs and imparts a glowing complexion,
  • Making the skin appear more youthful, with a radiant glow.

Method of Use Apply all over face, neck and hands. When it dries, wash off. 

List Price: $95.00
Price: $79.99
100.50 CAD 57.10 GBP 101.04 AUD

Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Moisturizing Cream Salon Size 180g

Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Moisturizing Cream Salon Size  180g

Shahnaz Gold Moisturising Cream

Indications A moisturising formula, it is enriched with date, rose distillate and honey. Suited to all skin types, this highly flexible formulation is easily absorbed. Helping to rejuvenate the skin and make it appear soft, moist and youthful.
Method of Use To be used with Nature's Gold Skin Radiance Gel. Apply the gold gel all over face. Then use a small amount of moisturisier and rub gently into the skin.

List Price: $99.00
Price: $79.99
100.50 CAD 57.10 GBP 101.04 AUD

Shahnaz Husain Salon Size Gold Radiance Gel

Shahnaz Husain’s Gold Radiance Gel
Salon Size - 200grams

Nature Gold Skin Radiance Gel Salon Size 200gm
Indications Unique dual complex formula, containing 24 carat pure Gold, for slowing the visible sign of ageing. It helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin surface, making the skin look younger and more radiant.
Price: $170.00
213.59 CAD 121.36 GBP 214.74 AUD

Shahnaz Husain Salon Size Gold Scrub

Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Scrub Salon Size - 200grams

24K Gold Leaf, Orange Peel Extract., Rose Distillate, Aloe Vera Juice
Method of Use
The 24 Carat Gold is to be used often skin has been properly cleansed by cleanser. Apply on face and body and rub gently for three to five minutes, using circular movements. Wash off.
Price: $79.99
100.50 CAD 57.10 GBP 101.04 AUD
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