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Shahnaz Husain Diamond Nourishing Cream Salon Size

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Skin Nourishing Cream




  • Large Salon Size Economy Pack Perfect for Salons and beautician
  • A unique preparation, specially formulated to preserve the youthful qualities of the skin.
  • Made from the extract of Vetiver and Date, along with ashes of Diamond and Tankana
  • Helps to purify the skin and remove toxins, improving cell regeneration.
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, delaying the manifestation of ageing signs.
   Method of Use 
Apply on the skin and massage lightly for a few minutes with upward and outward strokes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool.
Price: $175.00
219.87 CAD 124.93 GBP 221.06 AUD
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Shahnaz Husain Diamond Rehydrant Lotion Salon Size

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Rehydrant Lotion
200 gm / 7 oz

Indications    Apply on face, neck and arms twice a day or as required.



  • Shahnaz Diamond Lotion extracts of Basil, Date and Carot Seed in combination with ash of Diamond.
  • The moisturizer improves the skin's ability to retain moisture and hydrate itself.
  • The skin's elasticity and resilience improves, making it supple and firm.

Method of Use

Price: $175.00
219.87 CAD 124.93 GBP 221.06 AUD

Shahnaz Hussain Salon Size Diamond Exfoliating Scrub

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Exfoliating Scrub




Apply on face and body and rub gently for 3 to 5 minutes, using circular movements. Wash off.

  • This is a unique complex of powerful Diamond "bhasma" (ash), combined with Cucumber, Rose, Walnut particles, as well as oils of Almond, Lemon and Olive.
  • Specially formulated to exfoliate the skin on the face and body, it facilitates the removal of dead cells, making the skin texture appear refined, revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • It encourages the removal of toxins and wastes, purifying the skin and leaving it looking clearer, brighter and more youthful.

Method of Use   

Price: $175.00
219.87 CAD 124.93 GBP 221.06 AUD

Shahnaz Hussain Salon Size Diamond Skin Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Skin Rejuvenating Mask

LARGE SALON SIZE - 300 Gm/10.50 oz



  • Extract of masoorika and oil of orange, combined with Yashad and Diamond Ash.
  • Help to strengthen the skin's supportive tissues, increasing vitality and delaying the formation of wrinkles and lines.
  • Helps to enhance both health and beauty of the skin.
  • Makes the skin appear firm and youthful.

Method of Use    Apply on face avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash off when dry.

List Price: $275.00
Price: $210.00
263.84 CAD 149.92 GBP 265.27 AUD
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